Update on Jodi

Just wanted to give everyone an update.  Jodi's surgery went well, although it was very long, 11 hours and then a couple of hours in recovery! So she didnt get to her room until at least 8:30 Wednesday night. She sat up in the chair twice yesterday and is supposed to walk in halls today.  She is very sore so I am not sure how that will go.  Her skin on her abdomen is tight so it feels like it is pulling and stretching when she sits up so standing will be a challenge.  She is a trooper though so I am sure she will figure it out.  She would like to fast forward a week.  They are actually monitoring the pulse and oxygen level of the new tissue they created.  If those things don't stay within a normal level she will have to go back to surgery to improve the blood flow.  She is very hopeful that doesn't happen.

Just fyi, she is in the James so don't send any flowers, they are not permitted. I believe the boys are on spring break today and Monday so she is really wishing she could leave on Saturday but I would bet she has to stay until Sunday.  

She is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes, and thanks to all that have signed up to help them with meals.


Note from Juli

Just a reminder that Jodi's surgery is today so we have meals posted on the website if anyone is able to help out.  TheMonahan her last name and the password is 0987.

Thanks for helping out.


Getting caught up!! 03/13/12

Wow, it has been too long since my last post. Not sure if anyone has been looking on the website lately, but I have not been good at keeping up on the information. I have had oncology follow up appointments that have all gone very smoothly and tests that show that the treatment has been doing a good job of keeping the cancer away! Always a relief to have good news! I am taking Tamoxifen daily for the next 5 years to help suppress hormones that may "feed" cancer cells. (It does wonders for my memory..ugh). I can live with that!

I am scheduled for reconstructive surgery on April 4th. This is a pretty involved procedure and has me a bit nervous. My surgical oncologist is going to remove the other breast at the same time that the plastic surgeon is doing his work. I have thought about this for quite awhile and would rather be safe than sorry and have a more symmetrical result. I am really hoping that everything goes smoothly. I will be in the hospital for 4 days (which is 3 days longer than I can tolerate, haha).

I finished my Bachelors Degree in November. I was so relieved to have that accomplishment behind me. I wrote soooooo many papers in that time period that I will be glad to never write again!!

I will try to remember to update this website after my surgery. Hope all is well with everyone. We are starting to resume our crazy spring sports schedule, but I am looking forward to it!

Take care everyone!



6/9/11 On to the next step

I have healed very nicely from surgery and I am ready to begin radiation. Last week I met with the Radiation Oncologist at OSU and determined the amount of treatments that I will receive. Dr. Mayr decided that 28 treatments are adequate to ensure that we have done our job in killing this cancer. I have my first treatment Tuesday, June 14th. The treatments will be Monday through Friday, ending in late July. Unfortunately, I am not able to swim during this time period due to the landmarks that they put on me to pinpoint the area of treatment. This might be a long summer! I am looking forward to completing this final treatment in the journey against breast cancer.

I have been feeling great! I am very glad to have all of the effects of chemo out of my system. My nails are growing back nicely. I have quite a bit of hair on my head. I still wear a hat in public. I will be glad to have enough hair to stop wearing something to cover my head. The boys have been very busy with sports. We have 3 boys in 4 sports, ha ha. Ryan decided that he would like to try baseball along with soccer. Overall, it has worked out fine. There have been a few conflicts with the schedule, but not nearly what I expected. He is loving playing both sports. Kyle plays baseball, but the weather has limited his games. It seems like if he has a game scheduled, that is the day it rains. He is looking forward to playing some baseball. Drew is enjoying baseball too. That is definitely his favorite sport. All 3 of the boys are pitching this year for their teams. This is new for us, but they are doing very well. I love watching the boys play sports and keep busy. It is good for all of us:)

I return to work tonight. I can't wait to see all of my co-workers that I have missed so much!

Take care everyone!



05/15/11 Catching up!

Sorry that it has been so long since I posted. It has been a little busy around the Monahan household. Surgery was successful and I have recovered nicely. I am so relieved that I decided on the mastectomy. The pathology report showed a small tumor that had not been detected on mammogram or ultrasound, Thank God for looking out for me and helping me with this decision. I was so relieved to have the drains removed on May 5th. This is always the most uncomfortable part.

Friday, May 6th, I traveled with my parents to Massachusetts for the Memorial Service for my cousin David. It was a trip that I am very thankful that I was able to make. My love goes out to my family in Massachusetts, this has been a very difficult time. We returned on Monday the 9th. I have decided the drive is too long for that short of a trip. We are hoping to return for a longer visit next time. The boys really want to see everyone.

The Race for the Cure was fabulous yesterday. The rain held out and we were amazed by the amount of people that have been touched by breast cancer or just wanted to show their support. I enjoyed the walk and the wonderful family and friends that walked with me.

The next step for me is radiation. I have to meet with the radiation oncologist and then will know when that step begins. I know this is an important part of this journey, but I do not look forward to treatment Monday thru Friday for about 6 weeks. Oh well, no use worrying about it.

Thank you everyone for the continued support. My family really appreciated the wonderful meals that were prepared after my surgery.




Feeling GOOD! 4/12/11

It has been awhile since I posted to the website. Spring is always busy in the Monahan house. The boys are all 3 playing baseball and Ryan is playing soccer. Today, the rain has cancelled everything and given me a night with nothing...except for homework, cleaning and catching up;)

I am so THRILLED to be finished with chemo!!!!!! I am feeling great! I keep looking everyday for faster hair growth, lol. I wonder if Miracle Gro would work? My follow up appointments with Dr. Farrar (surgical oncologist) and Dr Layman (medical oncologist) have gone well. I have decided to have a mastectomy on the right side. After much thought and consideration about what is the best route for me, this is what I chose. I have just received the date for my surgery, April 27th. I am not looking forward to dealing with the drain again, but will be glad to get this behind me. One more step in the journey of fighting breast cancer. Radiation will start about 6 weeks after surgery.

Hope everyone is enjoying the wet, soggy Spring. Bring on some sun and warmer temperatures:)

Love to you all,


03/17/11 Eleven down, one to go!!

I am finally making it to the last treatment! I am extremely happy to be nearing the end of chemo. I can only hope that the medicines have done their job. Each side effect lets me know that the medicine is powerful and is killing the cancer. The Taxol has destroyed my fingernails and caused discomfort in my fingertips. I count myself lucky though, I could be nauseated or worse. I have been very fortunate that I have been able to carry on a normal routine throughout this process. I do believe that it has made me stronger. It is easier for my boys to see me fighting this and it is not getting me down. They continue to handle everything very well.

I forgot to mention in my last post that the geneticcs testing was negative. This is good news for me and the rest of the women in my family. I will have about 3 weeks off before I have further surgery. Four to six weeks later, I will begin radiation. This will be Monday through Friday for six weeks. I am hoping to find a time that this will work for the boys and my work. It will be summer before this part of the treatment has started.

I am finishing up the two classes I have taken this last five weeks and will be glad to have these out of the way. I have another 5 page paper to write by Friday and then I can check these off of my list. I am getting there! We are ready to start a very busy sports season with the boys. Kyle is playing 8th grade baseball for Bloom Carroll, then rec ball for Lancaster. Ryan"s soccer has started, he is glad to be back out there. He has also decided to try baseball again. We are not sure how this will all fit together, but he really wanted to try it and play ball with his friends. Drew can't wait for his baseball to start. He just finished basketball a few weeks ago and is ready to get out to the ball field. Now, if Bob and I could clone ourselves, that would probably help. Thank you to my Mom and Dad and other friends for offering to help.

We are constantly reminded that we are very blessed to be surrounded with wonderful friends and family. Thank you to everyone for all that you do.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!



2/25/11 Getting there...4 more to go!

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted to the website. I have been a bit busy. I am taking two classes this quarter and feel like I have permanent cramps in my fingers from typing, haha.

I have been moving along quite well with all of my treatments. I will be glad when this portion is over and my hair can grow back. I will gladly pay that price to have this cancer behind me though. I pray that the treatments are doing there job. The support of my family and friends has been amazing. Bob continues to be an amazing husband. He has assumed a lot of extra responsibilities around the house that allow me to work on schoolwork and get some needed rest. The nurses at the James Breast care center are truly special women. They are a great group of nurses that Juli and I enjoy talking to. This helps to pass the time and create a pleasant atmosphere.

I enjoy reading the well wishes and kind words of support that each of you have written. Thank you for standing by me in this journey!

Love to you all,


02/07/11 6 more to go!!

Each week I get closer to the last treatment. The Taxol treatments continue to be far less severe that the AC treatments. I am lucky to be feeling good during this process. My blood work is improving each week, the AC treatments had decreased my hemoglobin and my white blood cell count. The treatment today got started late because my port did not want to give the blood that was needed for lab tests. After some effort, it finally worked. I was very relieved and hope that it continues to work throughout this process.

I am also one class closer to finishing my degree. I am enjoying my week off before classes start again. For some reason I got a bright idea to take 2 classes this next session...what was I thinking? Oh well, I will get through it!

I am very glad that Spring is getting closer. I hate to rush the time away, but I am anxious to get this behind me and see some sunshine!!

Thank you to everyone!



1/26/11 4 down, 8 more to go!!

I'm getting there! Eight more Taxol treatments to go!! I am still feeling good, energy level is better than with the AC treatments. I am keeping up with the activities that surround me: the boys, work, and school. Bob and I took the boys and their friends sledding the other day. It was a great day; the sun was shining, the boys were having a lot of fun, and we had a lot of laughs at all of the wipe outs, haha.

The new James Breast Care Center has opened and is very nice. It is about 20 min closer to our house. Juli has been wonderful, keeping me company on the sometimes long Mondays. She also helps me remember the important questions that I want to ask during the doctor visits. "Chemo brain" is real, haha. I am not used to forgetting things. Thank you, Juli:))

My mom and I met with the Genetics counselor and physician yesterday. I decided to proceed with that testing to help with the future of my care, as well as other girls/women in the family. The chance of it being hereditary is very low, but I would like to know. I will get the results in 3 weeks.

We continue to be blessed with wonderful friends and family and we are very grateful!



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