02/07/11 6 more to go!!

Each week I get closer to the last treatment. The Taxol treatments continue to be far less severe that the AC treatments. I am lucky to be feeling good during this process. My blood work is improving each week, the AC treatments had decreased my hemoglobin and my white blood cell count. The treatment today got started late because my port did not want to give the blood that was needed for lab tests. After some effort, it finally worked. I was very relieved and hope that it continues to work throughout this process.

I am also one class closer to finishing my degree. I am enjoying my week off before classes start again. For some reason I got a bright idea to take 2 classes this next session...what was I thinking? Oh well, I will get through it!

I am very glad that Spring is getting closer. I hate to rush the time away, but I am anxious to get this behind me and see some sunshine!!

Thank you to everyone!




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