03/17/11 Eleven down, one to go!!

I am finally making it to the last treatment! I am extremely happy to be nearing the end of chemo. I can only hope that the medicines have done their job. Each side effect lets me know that the medicine is powerful and is killing the cancer. The Taxol has destroyed my fingernails and caused discomfort in my fingertips. I count myself lucky though, I could be nauseated or worse. I have been very fortunate that I have been able to carry on a normal routine throughout this process. I do believe that it has made me stronger. It is easier for my boys to see me fighting this and it is not getting me down. They continue to handle everything very well.

I forgot to mention in my last post that the geneticcs testing was negative. This is good news for me and the rest of the women in my family. I will have about 3 weeks off before I have further surgery. Four to six weeks later, I will begin radiation. This will be Monday through Friday for six weeks. I am hoping to find a time that this will work for the boys and my work. It will be summer before this part of the treatment has started.

I am finishing up the two classes I have taken this last five weeks and will be glad to have these out of the way. I have another 5 page paper to write by Friday and then I can check these off of my list. I am getting there! We are ready to start a very busy sports season with the boys. Kyle is playing 8th grade baseball for Bloom Carroll, then rec ball for Lancaster. Ryan"s soccer has started, he is glad to be back out there. He has also decided to try baseball again. We are not sure how this will all fit together, but he really wanted to try it and play ball with his friends. Drew can't wait for his baseball to start. He just finished basketball a few weeks ago and is ready to get out to the ball field. Now, if Bob and I could clone ourselves, that would probably help. Thank you to my Mom and Dad and other friends for offering to help.

We are constantly reminded that we are very blessed to be surrounded with wonderful friends and family. Thank you to everyone for all that you do.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!




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