2/25/11 Getting there...4 more to go!

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted to the website. I have been a bit busy. I am taking two classes this quarter and feel like I have permanent cramps in my fingers from typing, haha.

I have been moving along quite well with all of my treatments. I will be glad when this portion is over and my hair can grow back. I will gladly pay that price to have this cancer behind me though. I pray that the treatments are doing there job. The support of my family and friends has been amazing. Bob continues to be an amazing husband. He has assumed a lot of extra responsibilities around the house that allow me to work on schoolwork and get some needed rest. The nurses at the James Breast care center are truly special women. They are a great group of nurses that Juli and I enjoy talking to. This helps to pass the time and create a pleasant atmosphere.

I enjoy reading the well wishes and kind words of support that each of you have written. Thank you for standing by me in this journey!

Love to you all,



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