6/9/11 On to the next step

I have healed very nicely from surgery and I am ready to begin radiation. Last week I met with the Radiation Oncologist at OSU and determined the amount of treatments that I will receive. Dr. Mayr decided that 28 treatments are adequate to ensure that we have done our job in killing this cancer. I have my first treatment Tuesday, June 14th. The treatments will be Monday through Friday, ending in late July. Unfortunately, I am not able to swim during this time period due to the landmarks that they put on me to pinpoint the area of treatment. This might be a long summer! I am looking forward to completing this final treatment in the journey against breast cancer.

I have been feeling great! I am very glad to have all of the effects of chemo out of my system. My nails are growing back nicely. I have quite a bit of hair on my head. I still wear a hat in public. I will be glad to have enough hair to stop wearing something to cover my head. The boys have been very busy with sports. We have 3 boys in 4 sports, ha ha. Ryan decided that he would like to try baseball along with soccer. Overall, it has worked out fine. There have been a few conflicts with the schedule, but not nearly what I expected. He is loving playing both sports. Kyle plays baseball, but the weather has limited his games. It seems like if he has a game scheduled, that is the day it rains. He is looking forward to playing some baseball. Drew is enjoying baseball too. That is definitely his favorite sport. All 3 of the boys are pitching this year for their teams. This is new for us, but they are doing very well. I love watching the boys play sports and keep busy. It is good for all of us:)

I return to work tonight. I can't wait to see all of my co-workers that I have missed so much!

Take care everyone!




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