Feeling GOOD! 4/12/11

It has been awhile since I posted to the website. Spring is always busy in the Monahan house. The boys are all 3 playing baseball and Ryan is playing soccer. Today, the rain has cancelled everything and given me a night with nothing...except for homework, cleaning and catching up;)

I am so THRILLED to be finished with chemo!!!!!! I am feeling great! I keep looking everyday for faster hair growth, lol. I wonder if Miracle Gro would work? My follow up appointments with Dr. Farrar (surgical oncologist) and Dr Layman (medical oncologist) have gone well. I have decided to have a mastectomy on the right side. After much thought and consideration about what is the best route for me, this is what I chose. I have just received the date for my surgery, April 27th. I am not looking forward to dealing with the drain again, but will be glad to get this behind me. One more step in the journey of fighting breast cancer. Radiation will start about 6 weeks after surgery.

Hope everyone is enjoying the wet, soggy Spring. Bring on some sun and warmer temperatures:)

Love to you all,



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