Update on Jodi

Just wanted to give everyone an update.  Jodi's surgery went well, although it was very long, 11 hours and then a couple of hours in recovery! So she didnt get to her room until at least 8:30 Wednesday night. She sat up in the chair twice yesterday and is supposed to walk in halls today.  She is very sore so I am not sure how that will go.  Her skin on her abdomen is tight so it feels like it is pulling and stretching when she sits up so standing will be a challenge.  She is a trooper though so I am sure she will figure it out.  She would like to fast forward a week.  They are actually monitoring the pulse and oxygen level of the new tissue they created.  If those things don't stay within a normal level she will have to go back to surgery to improve the blood flow.  She is very hopeful that doesn't happen.

Just fyi, she is in the James so don't send any flowers, they are not permitted. I believe the boys are on spring break today and Monday so she is really wishing she could leave on Saturday but I would bet she has to stay until Sunday.  

She is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes, and thanks to all that have signed up to help them with meals.


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